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Velvet Rooms Spa Treatment List

Germaine De Capucinni Facials

Delicate and Sensitive Facial Time: 1hr Cost: €65.00
This facial is the ultimate solution for sensitive skin problems, providing calming, decongesting, anti irritating and soothing properties, when combined with homecare products you can diminish redness and desensitise your skin.


Anti Stress and Oxygenating Facial
Time: 1hr
Cost: €65.00
This facial helps to eliminate the signs of stress with anti-stress and oxygenating Royal Jelly facial and home care from Germaine de Capucinni. Recommended for all age groups up to 45. 


Revitase Lifting Firming Facial
Time: 1hr 15min
Cost: €80.00
This facial suitable for all skin types, has a lifting and tautening effect which firms the skin and recovers its contours. Facial contours become resculpted and neck contours are redefined.


Time Expert Facial
Time: 1hr 15min
Cost: €95.00
The most effective skincare alternative to micro injections. The first global anti wrinkle treatment with a triple effect that neutralises skin contractions, fills in expression lines & smoothes wrinkles, the micro-dermoxine complex works in a very similar way to botox, neutralising skin micro-tensions, but without producing paralysis or other side effects. 


Men's Facial
Time: 1hr
Cost: €65.00
Facial treatment designed specially for men. Helps to de-sensitise the skin and helps lessen aggravation from pollution and the environment.

A full range of tanning, waxing, electrolysis and various nail treatments also available



Spa Marine Treatments

Spa Exfoliating
Time: 1hr
Cost: €70.00
This treatment not only removes all dead skin which causes the skin to look dull and tired, it also leaves the body deeply relaxed. A unique mixture when massaged in stimulates blood micro circulation, detoxifies and revitalises the skin. Pure bliss. This sheer pampering pleasure is ideal for pre-weddings, pre-holidays and prior to spray tan treatments. 


Oceans Dream Treatment
Time: 1hr 20mins
Cost: €75.00
Slimming Body Treatment - The seaweed wrap to slim and detoxify the body and replenish the body with minerals is based on algae. The body is exfoliated and then a cocktail of oils are mixed with the body mask, and applied to the body before you are wrapped up in heat. It is then followed by a massage.


Spa Marine
Time: 1hr 15mins
Cost: €75.00
A treatment designed to reactivate and revitalise the skin by giving it back those essential substances it lacks, trace elements, minerals and vitamins. The body reaps all the benefits of a real Dead Sea mud, excellent for treating skin problems including eczema, and helps relieve muscular pains, and improves circulation.


Hot Chocolate Wrap
Time: 1hr 30mins
Cost: €90.00
Indulge yourself in chocolate heaven, including back massage, chocolate exfoliation, then enveloped in a chocolate wrap.


Full Body Swedish Massage
 Cost: €70.00
Using essential oils, drift away, relax and unwind 

 Cost: €150.00
An ancient treatment used over the centuries for restoring the inner calm and balance of the emotions. This treatment has been described as the ultimate in relaxation therapies 

 Cost: €50.00
Healing Energy treatments.


Hopi Ear Treatments
Time: 30mins
Cost: €35.00
Ideal for sinus problems or general hygiene. 


Hot Stone Massage (Full Body)
Time: 1hr 15mins
Cost: €80.00



Pamper Packages

Princess Parties - For all young Princesses  
Cost: €50.00 Party Package + €8.00 per child
Includes nail art and light refreshments.


Mini Pamper Day
 Cost: €100.00
Back Massage, Facial, Hand & Foot Massage, File & Polish Fingers & Toes 


Wedding Packages
Time: 1hr
Cost: €30.00 per make-up
Made to suit every bride's individual needs. Call-out available - Cost €100